What's Your Problem Solid Salve Bar

What's Your Problem Solid Salve Bar

Are you looking for an ALL NATURAL salve to help ease the ithching of bug bites? Help bruises and minor wounds heal quicker? Help ease the achiness of arthritis or sore muscles?

Try our "What's Your Problem?" SOLID salve bar! Infused with many natural herbs, known for centuries to help ease achy joints, and help wounds heal faster.


We use hemp oil, mango butter, and locally sourced beeswax and infuse the healing herbs directly into all three.


Calendula: Heals wounds, Heals dry skin, For skin infection, Prevents acne

Violet: Abscesses, acne, arthritis, minor skin irritations, sores, and swollen glands are just a few of the possibilities.

Dandelion: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, minimizes dark spots, firms skin.

Plantago: Cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, bee stings and sunburn or rashes.

Comfrey Root: Wounds, eczema, sprains, bruises. (Do not use on broken bones that have not been set)

Arnica: Joint and wound pain relief

Yarrow: Calms inflammation, stops bleeding, re-balances skins PH

Chamomile: Skin calming, alleviates redness, anti-inflammatory

Moringa seed: Anti-inflammatory, dark spots/scars, contains collegen

Lavender Essentil Oil - Produces Collegen, helps wounds heal faster


This salve comes in the form of a lotion bar. It is a solid bar, that melts with the heat of your skin. Apply liberally up to three times per day for whatever ails you.


2 solid ounces